Thursday, 24 May 2012 00:00

Our Bed and Breakfast Inspiration

blog19ablog19cOver the past few months, Cris Angsten, Interior Decorator, has been busy assisting the StoneFort Inn with redecorating the Inn.  Here are some of her thoughts:

"The general idea for the redecoration of the StoneFort Inn is to make it a little more balanced between feminine and masculine. It's naturally a masculine building, with its Civil War history, exposed brick and solid timbers. We sought to make it a little more timeless than historic – for example, using classic furnishings and prints, but updating them so they offer that wonderful gathered-over-time feel."

Room 28 is a bit Gentleman meets Elle Décor – Old World richness, texture and a touch of glamour. The trim on the curtains is a rich, deep green velvet Greek Key, too luxurious not to touch! Green is found in doses throughout the space.

Textures are in all the textiles in the room – from velvet pillows to the almost carpetbagger feeling fabric on the channelback chair. The large gold-framed mirror reflects more light into the room and adds a little drama, and contrast is brought in with wonderful antique and vintage wood furniture.