Friday, 04 May 2012 00:00

Downtown Chattanooga’s Got Pedicabs!

blog20aGetting around downtown Chattanooga has always been easy and affordable. And now, Chattanooga's got a new way to tour about the city - Buzz Pedicabs.

Buzz Pedicabs provides green transportation all over the downtown area for tourists and locals alike (from the Tennessee River to Main Street and from AT&T field to the University). Buzz Pedicabs can pick you up here at The StoneFort Inn and take you to the downtown area attractions. Along the way, you'll share a unique experience touring parts of the city that otherwise you might miss. The drivers will also give you suggestions and information about area restaurants, shops, attractions, and other things not to miss while visting our scenic city.

buzz2The Buzz Pedicab rides are free, but they kindly request that you tip the driver. All drivers are licensed by the city, trained as professional pedicab drivers, and are independent contractors. Because of this, Buzz's hours are random but mostly drivers take pedicabs out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Prior arrangements for rides can also be made. Next time you are in Downtown Chattanooga - Catch a Buzz. 657-777-BUZZ (2899). http://buzzchattanooga.com