Friday, 04 May 2012 00:00

Redecorating The Chattanooga Downtown Inn

blog21aOver the past few months, Cris Angsten, Interior Decorator, has been busy assisting the StoneFort Inn with redecorating the Inn. Here are some of her thoughts:

"The general idea for the redecoration of the StoneFort Inn is to make it a little more balanced between feminine and masculine. It's naturally a masculine building, with its Civil War history, exposed brick and solid timbers. We sought to make it a little more timeless than historic – for example, using classic furnishings and prints, but updating them so they offer that wonderful gathered-over-time feel."

Room 26
- written by Cris Angsten, Interior Decorator

It's been so much fun designing these rooms as we go along.. The starting point for Room Twenty-Six was the rug, it has great colors like deep rich red and navy in it, and before too long I came across a fabric with much the same feeling and same colors both to edge the draperies with and to contrast with the new white bedding as a luxe pillow.

Rearranging the room allowed for the two natural focal points - the head of the bed, and those marvelous windows - to work together. The linen draperies catch the light and let the room just glow in the late afternoon sun. The antique chair found new life wearing two fabrics – a woven plaid and a great floral with the same colors in them as the rug.

The finished room captures everything we want for the Inn: timeless, gentlemanly, stately, with a few feminine touches.

Jackie Errico