Thursday, 10 October 2013 00:00

Our Year-Long Chattanooga Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast Transformation

blog3aThe Restaurant

Last October, the first floor of StoneFort Inn began its transformation. TerraMae Appalachian Bistro was constructed within an amazing and hectic matter of weeks and opened 12.12.12.. This addition brought significant changes such as the newly created open air kitchen centered in the limestone dining room, and the bar was moved to what used to be referred to as the library. The base of the open air kitchen, wine racks and bar area were built with reclaimed wood from barns and other structures in the nearby area. Thus creating a restaurant and bar space that is both rustic and elegant - similar to Chef Shelley D. Cooper's cooking style.

Spaces for Guests of the Inn

We recently dedicated more spaces for guest of the Inn - places to gather or relax outside of their rooms, letting them truly take in the atmosphere of the Inn and enjoy one another's company. We have created a comfortable and inviting seating area in what used to be referred to as "the Parlour", which also has tables for our hotel guests to enjoy. On the other side of the lobby, there is another seating area in what used to be the billiard room. Our guests can enjoy these areas, as well as the back patio surrounded by lush greenery, the bar area and the restaurant itself. We wanted to make the heart of the inn even more inviting to guests and take our style to the next level.