Tuesday, 13 August 2013 00:00

Chattanooga Attractions: Local Beer Bicycle Adventures

blog6aBike Chattanooga is celebrating its one year anniversary and making big plans for year two. It’s been wonderful having them in town offering another form of public transportation, and one that’s healthy and fun to boot! Locals and tourists alike have been seen cruising around town on these bright blue bikes.

To celebrate, we are sharing different themed adventures you can have around town using the Bike Chattanooga system. The nearest Bike Chattanooga station to StoneFort Inn is at the corner of MLK Boulevard and Lindsey Street, just a block from Stone Fort Inn, so getting anywhere in the city via Bike Chattanooga is as easy as pie!

Or in this adventure’s case, as easy as beer-- if there’s only thing we love to celebrate even more than Bike Chattanooga, it’s Chattanooga’s growing local brewing scene. We have not one but three breweries native to Chattanooga.

Follow That Beer

1. Pick up your bike at the Lindsey and MLK station.

2. Bike northwest down MLK BLV

3. Turn left on Market Street

4. Bike down Market past the Chattanooga ChooChoo and park your bike at the Market and East 14th street station. Head in to the Terminal Brewhouse and sit at the bar to try one of their local brews made right in the basement!

5. Get your bike back at Market and East 14th, and turn right onto Main Street. Then turn left onto Broad. Bike south down Broad away from downtown toward St. Elmo.

6. At the fork, keep left to leave Broad and get on Tennessee Avenue. At the tombstone shop, make a slight left to stay on Tennessee. Moccasin Bend Brewery is in an old stone warehouse on the right. You’ll want to walk your bike down the driveway hill, as the brewery is in the basement. Park your bike outside—there isn’t a station in the St. Elmo neighborhood yet—and enjoy a flight or a pint.

7. Hop back on your bike and head back the way you came, following Tennessee Avenue slightly right at the tombstone shop, back to where it merges with Broad. Take Broad all the way up into downtown

8. Turn right on MLK Blvd and return your bike to the Lindsey and MLK station.From there you can walk back to StoneFort Inn. If you want, freshen up in your room before heading downstairs to TerraMae Appalachian Bistro for a pint of Chattanooga Brewing Company on draft and a delicious dinner to make up for your trek to St. Elmo and back! It's not always easy biking for beer, so reward yourself at one of Chattanooga's best restaurants.