Chattanooga prides itself in our Art & Culture scene. For a city of our size, we have a lot to offer including museums, art galleries, public art walking tours and venues where you can make your own creations.

Art is a huge part of the culture here in Chattanooga, and you'll find it displayed just about everywhere. From the sculptures on Main Street to the River Gallery Sculpture Garden to the Market Street Bridge ("The Passage" marks the origin of the Trail of Tears) to the steep walk down First Street and to the artwork embedded on the sidewalk on Frazier Avenue – you'll find beautiful unique pieces of art throughout the city streets and walkways. To learn more about public art in Chattanooga, visit http://www.chattanoogafun.com/public-art-walking-tour

The area on the north side of the river also features Renaissance Park off Manufacturer's Road. The area's many shops and galleries make this area distinctively trendy. Be sure to stop at Plum Nelly on Frazier Avenue to find affordable creations made by local and regional artists. There are also several galleries on the south side of town off of Main Street. Find out more at http://www.chattanoogafun.com/shopping

The Hunter itself is an architectural work of art overlooking the Tennessee River. Inside are original paintings, works on paper, film, sculpture, and textiles, just to name a few. The Hunter brings in new and exciting art from outside of the region. Browse the Hunter at your own pace or arrange for a guided tour. To learn more, visit http://www.huntermuseum.org/

Everyone is an artist at Ignis Glass Studio. Here you'll be able to blow your own glass ornament that is more than a souvenir, it's an heirloom keepsake! Call ahead for an appointment, then work with professional artists to choose colors, assist with working the piece, and actually trap your own breath in glass. To learn more, visit http://www.ignisglass.com

There are so many great things happening in Chattanooga, it's impossible to cover everything in one article, so we encourage you to get out and explore while you stay with us at your downtown hotel, StoneFort Inn!

Written by Steven Stiefel
Published in Weekend Getaways